Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We finally received favorable word from the Indian government. Our NOC was issued on the 14th of November. We are so excited. We have to redo 2 documents for court. Unfortunately they have to go to Raleigh then to Dillon then to India. It could be as long as 2 weeks before they get there. Praying that all of the shipping moves super quick for these documents.
Hoping to reveal this precious face very soon.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Holding Our Breath

Technical difficulties have come up.
All we can do is pray.
A future in jeopardy.
We sit and wait and hold our breath.
Praying. Please God grant us the desires of our heart.

For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him:

1 Samuel 1:27

Sunday, October 16, 2011

This Adoption

Otherwise known as what is driving me COMPLETELY MAD.
This adoption is taking forever. Nothing in a normal timeline. NOTHING!!!
We have our paperwork in India. With CARA. We are waiting on NOC. It has been almost 2 months. We are still waiting. We have typically gotten our NOC in 4-6 weeks. Not this time.
We are pretty sure that we got our paperwork to CARA to be classified as the current "backlog" of cases. India released new adoption guidelines recently and they are trying to clear all current adoption cases before moving forward. For some families (like our family) this has left us with questions as to how our case will proceed in the backlog. I hope so.
For now we wait. I'm trying to not go crazy. Its not working very well. Some days I just want to crawl into bed and stay there. I definitely don't want to go to work. But I just keep going. I go to work. I take care of things. I worry about Varsha. I just keep going.
I wish this would move. I wish I could move on with my life. I'm very sick of feeling like my whole life is on hold. So much will change when Varsha gets home. Our current routines will completely change. I'll be home more again. I get control of my house back. I get to do the things I love to do. I get to love on my new baby.
We would love prayers. We need alittle more money. We have our account set up with Reeces Rainbow to accept tax deductible donations.
Hoping for news soon.

Daughter of My Heart

Varsha Hope.
I miss you.
I love you so much that it hurts.
I want you home soon. Actually I want you home now.
Since the moment I saw your face, I knew you were ours. I so wish it wasn't taking you so long to come home. All of us miss you. Me and Daddy are very sad because you aren't with us every day.
I know that you are well cared for. I know that you are loved. It makes the wait bearable. I still miss you so much that it hurts everyday.
Sweetest Varsha Hope.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Adoptions 5 Years in the Making

I shared this story on our family blog but just knew that it had to be shared here. This is part of Varsha's story too. Our family's incredible story.
We signed alot of papers today for Varsha's (Valerie on Reeces Rainbow) adoption. This is an amazing story that I never would have imagined. God's plans are written all over this adoption. Let me start with some background information.
In the weeks that I spent on Dillon's waiting child page, a little boy stuck out. His birthday was March 30th. That is a special day for our family because that is Anthony's birthday. The medical information sounded manageable to us. The only problem was that Patrick wanted a little girl. I didn't mind either way. There were several girls listed and I started to narrow down the list. I found a girl that the medical information looked well within our limits.
On January 23, 2006 I inquired about that little girl. I fell in love with Ananya at first glance. She was our princess from that first moment.
But I kept an eye on that little boy. He was still waiting month after month. I knew another adoption would be a long time away. I was waiting for someone to go get him.
I was also waiting for our never ending adoption to finish so I could hold this little girl. I waited 13 months to hold that little girl. Alot of tears and frustration were in our home. I was just about emotionally broken. Well to be honest, I was broken and traumatized. Those were the longest 13 months of my life.
Right before we left, our agency rep sent out a quick description of some waiting boys and referred people to the waiting child pages. I jumped on over out of curiosity. The same little boy was still waiting. 13 months later he was waiting. He had the same birthday as my baby boy (who was 9). I told Patrick I wanted a little boy. He had no clue what I was talking about. Once he processed the information, he agreed to meet this little boy. We got pictures of that boy, Prasun. I held him. We took Ananya home.I spend a couple weeks randomly looking at that picture. Thinking of holding that boy. I was scared. Was I ready for 2 little ones with lots of delays? What if he was the one to stay with us forever? I think after about 2 weeks, I knew. I told Patrick and waited for him to agree. I didn't push. I knew if it was right then God would tell Patrick.
3 months later, out of the blue, my husband walks up to me and tells me to adopt that little boy. I was so happy. I wasn't scared anymore. No matter what this was the right path. I think most people thought we were losing our minds.
Another never ending adoption. A rough adjustment to 3 kids. I was exhausted. For a couple months, I really didn't care if we ever had more kids. 6 months later I was investigating foster care adoption. Lots of craziness happened.
I was on a blog that linked to Reeces Rainbow. I was just checking out the site and found 1 Indian girl. That one girl was available for adoption through the agency we had used 2 times. Contact information was listed for her. All the other kids had no contact information listed. Just this little Indian Princess. I emailed our case worker.We got approval from the agency to adopt out of birth order, from the orphanage, and we were ready.
Lots of delays. The never ending adoption process. Again.
Today we finally get acceptance paperwork to sign. We made it to the bank to get the papers notarized. I didn't even read the directions before we left. Had no clue what I was doing (in all the small paperwork details). We got the papers notarized though. We had dinner to celebrate the boys birthday. It was a special day.
I went to start signing the medical information for Varsha. I decided to peak through the old paperwork they sent for our information. Almost all of it I've read. Several months ago.
It was dated 1-23-06. It had my name on it.
You see. The day I inquired about Ananya, the agency faxed us the information on the wrong little girl. I looked at the birthdate and knew the information wasn't right. I was waiting for information on a girl born 2-25-05. This little girl was 3 years old.
I called and got them to fax the information on Ananya. It was always part of the story, but just a quirky detail.
Tonight I realized that 5 years ago God was giving me a sneak peak. I was seeing my daughter, but in His Grace He was showing me the 2 other children that would follow.
This isn't the first time God has done such things with me.
When I was 8 weeks pregnant with Anthony. 17 and scared to death with no idea how to do it, God showed me a little boy. That vision changed my life. I knew I had seen my son. 3 years later, one day I just saw it. This time not a vision, but my reality. I saw that little boy again. The little boy that God showed me was my son and 3 years later he was running wild in my house.
I am completely in awe tonight. I can't wait to sign all these forms and get our paperwork to India. We are ready to have Varsha in our arms.
Paperwork isn't the only thing standing in our way. Unfortunately, we still need to raise ALOT of money. We have a family sponsor page on Reeces Rainbow. Just click the red icon at the top of the page. You can donate through our Chip in below it. It goes to Reeces Rainbow as well. We just want our daughter home.
With God, All Things Are Possible.
This is our story. Please help us to spread the word. Help us raise this money. $5 will be an incredible help to get us to India. To our Princess. Varsha Hope.